What's Up in 2018

We have Furniture now!

It's finally happened, and we couldn't be more excited. In addition to our wide variety of premium lighting fixtures, we now carry a wide variety of furniture also! We hand pick every unique piece, and they are all looking for permanent homes:-)


Store and Outlet Center, now under One Roof

The Outlet Center used to be a sweaty experience out back. No longer! We've built out the back of the main store to showcase discounted items as they get shuffled around to make space for new shipments. Come shop the air-conditioned Outlet Center!

Outlet Center


When my wife and I bought a new house, I feared the furnishing process. And when we began visiting bunches of stores with over priced, NOT unique products, my fear grew. Thankfully, we found Rick's, which saved my sanity. We were able to find tons of pieces that helped make our house a home. A place we could be proud to host company.

Aaron Greer

The beauty and quality of Rick's fixtures is only surpassed by the excellent customer service you receive at this store. I was trying to find a bathroom light fixture to match the other fixtures that were chrome and brass. Searched everywhere, found it at Rick's! Later my cleaning lady broke my dining room chandelier and the staff at Rick's helped me find one that was even better. I highly recommend this store and their products!

Cathy Low

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