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Ceiling fan manufacturers recommend we change the direction of fan blades for the season.  Clockwise for summer and counterclockwise for winter will help ensure your fan runs efficiently.

This may also be a good time to clean your fan.  Ugh.  (Yes, we agree).  But cleaning your fan will help keep the fan's motor and blades performing smoothly and keep it working to it's best capability.  

Here's some quick tips:


Glass cleaning -- if your fan has a light, turn off the fan's power and replace any bulbs that aren't working.  Glass shades and bowls should be removed carefully and washed carefully with mild dish soap and water.  Make sure the globes are completely dry before reinstalling.  

Blade cleaning -- Turn off the fan's power.  Make sure the blades are no longer spinning and wipe each side of the blade with a dry, lint-free clean cloth.  It's also a good time to look at the metal parts, including the metal housing, downrod and blade arms. 

Extreme blade cleaning -- If a deeper clean is required for the blades, make sure you turn the fan off at the electrical box.  You can then remove each blade from the blade arm and use mild dish soap and a damp cloth.  Make sure the cloth is not wet and the blades are not immersed in water.  


What NOT to do: 

1.  Don't use abrasive cleaners, cleaners containing alcohol or baby wipes to clean the blades.  These may damage the blade's finish. 

2.  Don't apply pressure on the blades.  

3.  Don't lean on the blades or fans...don't work on the fan while it's running...


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