Designing your Home - Where to Begin?

Posted by Rachel Shirley on

There are a few phrases I often hear from customers who walk into our showroom. The most common include I didn’t realize your store was so big! and I didn’t know you carried furniture and accessories! To quickly address these, yes it is and yes, we do.

The other often heard phrase, this is overwhelming! is completely understandable- especially if you need items for more than one space. We are here to help! I’m Rick’s Home Design Consultant and I’m going to share a few tips that I use when beginning a new project.

  1. Choose something as your base element for the design of the space. This can be anything- a colorway, a pillow, an heirloom antique, a specific texture, etc. You may even have more than one element that you know you want/must incorporate.
  1. Build out from your base element(s) and only select things that either compliment it or things that you absolutely love. Don’t stress if you don’t know how to build out your design after you’ve got your base element selected. That’s what I’m here for!
  1. Take one space at a time, even if your home has an open floor plan. Keep adjacent spaces in mind but select one area as your starting point. Focus on that space and try to nail down all necessary choices before moving on to the design of the next space.

When a client struggles to identify their base element, I do my best to help them discover it. I recommend creating a Pinterest page for your project to save any image that speaks to you. When you see all your images side by side, you’ll most likely start to see similarities between them. Maybe you saved random kitchen ideas you like and begin to realize that a few have concrete counter tops, a couple more have variations of white marble, and the overwhelming majority have butcher block counter tops. Now you have a place to start!

If you are designing more than one space (or an entire house), I find it easiest to start with a Pinterest board for the entire project. I’ll save tons of images until I come across something that sparks my interest on which space to start with. I will then create a new board to gather ideas for just that space.

This is a snapshot of the design process I use for my projects. It’s nothing fancy but it works for me. If you still feel stuck and would like design guidance or just someone to collaborate with, please contact me! Check out more about me and the home design consulting services we are now offering at Rick’s Lighting + Home. For the past 35 years Rick has provided his customers with a curated variety of the best sources in the lighting industry. We’re excited to expand on that and share with you some amazing new sources for the rest of your home design needs.

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